01/30/2013 10:32 am ET

The Strokes' 'Comedown Machine': Album Set For Release On March 26

Little did you know when the ball dropped on New Year's Eve, but January 2013 would become Strokes month.

On Jan. 17, it was revealed that new music from The Strokes would be arriving this year. Fans didn't need to wait long, however: On Jan. 25, The Strokes released a new song, "One Way Trigger," to their website. Now, just became the calendar flips to February, The Strokes have revealed the title of their album and its release date.

"Comedown Machine," which clocks in at a brisk 37 minutes and 49 seconds, will be available starting on March 26. Fans can pre-order the album starting on Feb. 19, and then download "All the Time," the first single.

(If you're confused at why "One Way Trigger" was actually released first, before the single, you're not alone.)

"Comedown Machine" marks the first album from The Strokes since 2011's "Angles." The band has been working on new material since 2011.

"We have songs that you can tell are gonna be good ones (that) we're all excited to play," guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. told Billboard in April of 2011. "I don't know if we're the kind of band that would ever play something new before it came out, just the way the Internet works and people recording it. I think even if we had the whole record done, we wouldn't play it 'til the album was out."

For more on "Comedown Machine," Including pre-order information, head over to The Strokes website.

Listen to "One Way Trigger," the non-first single first single, below.