01/30/2013 03:29 pm ET

Wilmer Valderrama Then And Now: 20 Best Fez Moments In 'That 70's Show' And Life Today

'That 70's Show's' Fez Best Moments

Many remember him as Fez in the popular sitcom, ‘That 70’s Show’, but nowadays actor and activist Wilmer Valderrama has moved forward becoming more than just the shadow behind the funny character.

Beyond his participation in the Fox’ successful TV show, the actor, just in the past year, has starred in more than six different TV series, NBC ‘s “Awake” and Fox’ “Raising Hope” begin some of the most prominent.

In the big screen he has also made a name for himself in films like “From Prada to Nada” and “Larry Crowne.”

Born in Miami from Colombian and Venezuelan parents but rised between Venezuela and the United States, Valderrama has made sure to keep himself relevant both in the entertainment industry and in the political arena, which he has entered in recent years, through his Latino roots.

I think it’s, to me, that struggle and that drive that my dad had when I was growing up that really made me understand that we were here to do one thing. And that was to work and to maximize the opportunities that we had,” said the actor to NBC Latino. “Go to those days makes me appreciate so much more, makes me even more hungry to do more.”

The activist, who serves as a spokesperson for This Shirt Helps, an initiative created to provide aid to different causes, has also worked hard as a co-founder of Voto Latino, an organization dedicated to bringing new and diverse voices into the political process.

Most recently, he was also part of the Latino inauguration celebration in Washington DC, where he hosted along with actress Rosario Dawson.

“I see a future politician here. Wilmer, when you choose to run, make sure I am on your campaign,” said Dawson after his speech.

To celebrate Wilmer Valderrama's 33th birthday, and take some time to remember and just laugh, we have put together a gallery above of some of his best moments as Fez in ‘That 70’s Show’.



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