01/31/2013 02:58 pm ET Updated Jan 31, 2013

Ann Coulter: Marco Rubio 'Amnesty Plan' Shows He's 'Determined To Create More Democratic Voters'

The conservative knives are coming out against Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) over his support for a bipartisan comprehensive immigration blueprint.

On Wednesday, commentator Ann Coulter penned a column for Human Events accusing Rubio of pushing a plan that would "create more Democratic voters" by providing a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants.

"Rubio’s bill is nothing but amnesty. It isn't even 'amnesty thinly disguised as border enforcement,'" Coulter wrote. "This is a wolf in wolf's clothing."

According to Coulter, the "phony" plan could turn the entire nation Democratic-leaning, like California, by adding millions of Latino voters who would be inclined to vote Democratic.

"The vast majority of illegal aliens are Hispanic, and Hispanics have a higher teen birthrate than any other ethnic group," Coulter writes. "In California, a majority of all Hispanic births are illegitimate. That’s a lot of Democratic voters coming."

While Coulter acknowledges the "enforcement first" claims in the "gang of eight" plan, she said she believes it will ultimately invite more people to cross the border illegally, in turn making it harder to secure.

As HuffPost's Elise Foley reports, the Senate proposal would give undocumented immigrants already living in the country a pathway to citizenship, but it would be difficult:

They could immediately gain provisional status, but certain border enforcement provisions would need to be implemented before any could receive green cards and eventual citizenship.

Though they referred to it as a pathway to citizenship, the senators behind the plan argue it is not amnesty given the arduous requirements and the fact that it would be tied to border enforcement.

A number of conservatives have met the Senate's framework with caution this week, but Coulter's dismissive tone echoes one taken by other GOP lawmakers.

On Monday, Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Pa.) suggested that any GOP effort to give citizenship to undocumented Latino immigrants was misguided, claiming that they were mostly unskilled, uneducated and inherently drawn to the Democratic party due to their supposed government dependence.

And Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) called Rubio "amazingly naive" and "nuts" for cooperating on an effort that he said could be boiled down to "amnesty." Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) have also criticized the plan.

While a certain wing of the GOP has expressed their doubts, sometimes colorfully, Rubio managed to win the approval of radio host Rush Limbaugh, who after an interview with the Florida Republican, heaped praise on the immigration reform push.



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