01/31/2013 07:07 pm ET Updated Jan 31, 2013

Best Chicago Florists: Where To Shop For Beautiful, Sustainable, And Original Blossoms

It only takes a few buds to show some love, brighten a room or mark an occasion, and sometimes, floral oomph demands more than just a trip to Dominick's.

The impact of flowers is so great, in fact, lifestyle blog Apartment Therapy insisted flowers be a regular presence in the home. As part of their home makeover program The January Cure, Apartment Therapy wrote of buying flowers:

"This might seem 'skippable' but is a very important part of the Cure. Think of the purchase as a gift to your home. They are beautiful, they add life to the space, they help to humidify and cleanse the air."

When it comes to scoring grade-A blooms in Chicago, the options are plentiful. The Windy City is chock-full of florists who craft stunning designs for weddings, event spaces and swanky hotels in the Loop, but HuffPost Chicago's roundup of "best" florists in the city eschews those places (lovely as they are).

Instead, these picks—while not an exhaustive list—feature places (including one that's been in the biz since the 1930s) that can pull together arrangements for a gift or a simple bouquet for a beau. The various shops rank among the city's best, and feature floral business that range from funky to family-owned, sustainable to traditional and bilingual to basic.

Best Chicago Flower Shops