01/31/2013 09:35 am ET

International Tourism Growth Continues, UN Report Reveals

Global tourism is set to rise more than three percent in 2013, continuing gains made in 2012 that saw 1 billion people make an overnight trip for business or pleasure, a new UN report says.

Leading the way will be Asia and the Pacific, the UN World Tourism Organization says, where arrivals are expected to increase five to six percent in 2013. The Americas will keep pace with the global travel market, with growth forecast from three to four percent.

"Despite ongoing economic challenges, growth of international arrivals worldwide is expected to continue in 2013," the UNWTO writes in its latest report.

Evidence of the UNWTO's claim that the travel industry is in a "robust" state of growth can be found in tourism forecasts for the trouble-filled Middle East. Though arrivals there dropped five percent over the last year, the UNWTO says the tourism situation could improve in 2013, with flat to modest growth predicted for the year ahead.