01/31/2013 08:04 am ET

Libertypendence Park: Glenn Beck's Freedom Town Spoofed By Brian Sack (VIDEO)

By now, we've all heard about Glenn Beck's proposed Independence, U.S.A., a planned town/amusement park for people who have decided their gated communities just aren't doing enough to make America great again. Jon Stewart took a solid whack at it on Tuesday, but he wasn't the first comedian to take Beck to task over his own private Idaho.

A week ago, comedian and host of B.S. of A., Brian Sack, unveiled this fake promo that mercilessly mocks the intentional libertarian community. And the kicker: Sack's show is on Beck's BlazeTV network.

Of course, Sack has been a long collaborator with Beck, often appearing on his previous shows just to take him hilariously to task. So we imagine Beck probably found this spoof funny himself.

Nevertheless, epic takedown, Mr. Sack. We don't imagine you'll be putting in a change of address for Glenn-becki-becki-stan-stan-land any time soon.



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