01/31/2013 03:45 pm ET

Lohans Turned Away: Lindsay And Dina Rejected From Two California Hotels

Guess they weren't on the "preferred guests" list. Lindsay Lohan and her mother, Dina, were turned away from two swanky California hotels early Wednesday, just hours before Lindsay's court appearance.

Lindsay and Dina headed to Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica, Calif., on Wednesday morning around 1 a.m. in hopes of getting a room for the night, according to TMZ. Dina went inside to try and get a room, but it wasn't long before Mama Lohan was turned away. Apparently, Shutters had blacklisted Lindsay after she trashed one of their rooms back in 2007.

The mother-daughter duo then headed to the Loews Hotel on Ocean Avenue, only to be turned away yet again, reports TMZ. Management at Loews claimed they were booked for the night.

On Thursday, TMZ reported that the Lohans eventually scored a bed at the Beverly Hills Hotel -- a locale favored by Liz Taylor for her honeymooning.

Hotels are a sore spot for the 26-year-old.

In August, Lindsay was banned from the Chateau Marmont for failing to cough up $46,000 for an outstanding bill. She was accused of hitting a man with her car when leaving the Dream Downtown Hotel in New York City in September. That same month, she accused a congressional staffer of assaulting her at the W Hotel in Union Square.

The "Canyons" actress jetted to the West Coast fearing repercussions if she failed to appear in court for a hearing regarding her June car accident. Lohan's lawyer had told the judge his client was sick, but after the troubled star was spotted out shopping she was forced to head to Los Angeles or face an arrest. Her next trial date is set for March 18, according to the Associated Press.



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