01/31/2013 04:55 pm ET Updated Jan 31, 2013

NYPD Airlifts Aly Akl, Boat Captain Who Suffered Heart Attack In New York Harbor Waters (VIDEO)

Members of the NYPD Harbor Unit airlifted a 60-year-old boat captain to safety Tuesday night after he went into cardiac arrest aboard his vessel.

The New York Post reports Aly Akl suffered a heart attack around 9:45PM.

NYPD ESU officers Robert Brager and Mel Maurice received a call and quickly rushed via boat from Miller's Launch in Staten Island to stabilize him.

"I knew as a paramedic, time was of the essence," Brager said. "He was in a lot of distress. He told us in broken English that he had a heart condition, and was experiencing severe pain, and having trouble breathing.”

Soon after, a helicopter arrived and cops loaded Akl into a rescue basket. He was then airlifted to a nearby hospital, where he was in stable condition.

After Hurricane Sandy, the NYPD released dramatic video footage of four rooftop rescues on Staten Island, where residents were trapped by rising waters.