01/31/2013 03:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pirate Ship Playhouse, Built By A Loving Dad, Brings Out Our Jealous Inner 5-Year-Old (PHOTOS)

This father will go into the "Dad Hall Of Fame."

As kids, we frequently transformed our environments into strange, exotic worlds via our overactive imaginations. For instance, neighborhood playgrounds turned into intergalactic battlegrounds, living rooms morphed into the vast expanses of outer space, and the backyard doubled as the high seas where we'd sail for hours on end as wandering pirates. But for Reddit user mdalin, what we could only dream of was in fact very much a reality.

The photos mdalin posted showcases a childhood home sprawling with inventive spaces that allows for all kinds of fantastical excursions. Largely constructed by the user's father, the home itself and its surrounding installations boast a mechanical tea-cup turned spaceship, a makeshift pirate ship (prepared with its very own landing dock), and a tree-house fortress among many other impressive features. The user admits, "I grew up in a pretty cool house."

Needless to say, these installations instantly became the stuff of family legend. We think their creative (and whimsical) interpretation of their living space should inspire us all to bring out the fun side in all of our homes. What do you think?

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