01/31/2013 05:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Prince Harry's Vegas Weekend Gone Wild: His Lady 'Lover' Now Writing A Tell-All Book; Other Stars Included

Prince Harry can't catch a break: After nude photos of him surfaced last summer with nothing but his hands on the crown jewels, and after he apologized for letting his family down, one of the ladies present that fateful night is now writing a tell-all book about it, reports Daily Mail.

Carrie Reichert, 40, a beautician and massage expert, spent a "wasted" night "partying and kissing" with the royal heir, 28, back in August. The pictures that came out afterward shocked the world and rocked Buckingham Palace, but the stories Reichert has to tell may be even more explosive.

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Reichert has written over 500 pages about her nights out with the rich and famous, reports Daily Mail, many of whom are some of the biggest names in show business. Other times were simply "drunken nights out with Hollywood It girls Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears." At this stage, she is "shopping the manuscript to major Hollywood agents in a bid to land a book deal and get TV rights for a novel," per Daily Mail.

The book, likely to shame the prince and the royal family, won't just be a 500-page detailing of one debaucherous weekend. It so happens that there's plenty more where that nude "drunken fumbling" story with Prince Harry came from.

"Carrie has an extraordinary story to tell from her time with celebrities," a spokesman for Bad Girls PR, who are representing Reichert, told Daily Mail. "We are keeping the stories under wraps until the book's release. But during early meetings, we have been shocked and surprised by what she had to say. There may be some stars quaking in their boots when this is published."

Which stars, you ask?

Carrie Reichert's Many "Lovers"

Last October, Reichert blamed the British Secret Service for her month-long stay in Mississippi's Harrison County Jail. At the time, the 40-year-old -- who up to then claimed she was 32 -- said that mere hours after delivering an interview in which she described being alone with the prince for 20 minutes, she was arrested for allegedly bouncing over $20,000 in checks.

We wonder what the penalty for a tell-all book is...