01/31/2013 07:01 pm ET

Senator Mark Udall 'Strongly Inclined' To Support Chuck Hagel Secretary Of Defense Nomination (VIDEO)

Senator Mark Udall told HuffPost Live Thursday that he is inching closer to supporting Senator Chuck Hagel's nomination for Secretary of Defense.

Udall, who has been critical of Hagel's stance on the discrimination against LGBT service members, told HuffPost Live's Alicia Menendez that he was satisfied with Hagel's response to his questions on the topic during his confirmation hearings.

"I was satisfied with Senator Hagel's answer," Udall said. "He's evolved in his views. I tip my hat to him. America's evolved in its views when it comes to our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters."

Udall added that Hagel's positions on Israel and Iran, as well as Don't Ask Don't Tell and alternative energy, also have him leaning towards voting in favor of his confirmation.

"All of that adds up to me to a compelling case to support Senator Hagel's nomination when the vote is held," Udall said. "I want to review the record one last time, but I'm strongly inclined to support Senator Hagel."

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