01/31/2013 07:05 am ET Updated Jan 31, 2013

'The Americans' Premiere: Kerri Russell And Matthew Rhys Play Russian Spy Games In The '80s (VIDEO)

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys returned to television as KGB operatives in the early 1980s on FX's new drama "The Americans." The super-sized premiere spent some time in its present, as well as in flashbacks showing how this couple came to be together and working for Mother Russia on American soil.

The spy couple has been together for twenty years, and have two children together. In that time, Phillip (Rhys) started to actually fall in love with his wife Elizabeth (Russell). Because of his growing love for her, and his love for their children, he'd started to have doubts about sticking with their long-term mission. Elizabeth, on the other hand, couldn't believe he would ever considering betraying the Soviet Union.

To further complicate their mission, a suspicious FBI agent moved in across the street. He had no particular reason to be suspicious of them, but he broke into their garage and checked the trunk of their car.

Luckily, Elizabeth had finished cleaning it by then, as it had held the body of a Russian operative who'd brutally raped her during her training 20 years prior. It was through this man -- who had already flipped sides -- that Phillip was holding on to this dream of getting out of this life -- and scoring a huge payday to do so. But when Phillip found out what he'd done to Elizabeth all those years ago, he killed him.

HuffPost TV's Maureen Ryan will be sticking around for a bit, saying she was really impressed with the cast. That said, she did have some issues with the 20-year time frame established for the couple. What did you think of the premiere?

The stakes are raised on "The Americans," every Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST on FX.

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