01/31/2013 11:35 am ET

Why Don't Women Use Hook-Up Apps? They're Made By Men.

In 2003, Harvard sophomore Mark Zuckerberg developed Facebook in a fevered attempt to virtually assess the relative hotness of his peers. Ten years later, it has evolved into a place where your extended family members and former co-workers convene to complain about each other and compare photographs of infants. But today, you can revert the social network back to its initial purpose: Just log into the new hook-up application Bang With Friends and discreetly inform your Facebook contacts whether or not you would like to have sex with them. If the feeling is mutual, you’re both notified that you’re virtually creeping on one another.

Bang With Friends is the latest attempt to mount a viable casual-sex app for straight people (the application’s logo, which features a male silhouette entering a lady silhouette from behind, illustrates the app’s target demo). But so far, no one has come close to translating the cultural relevance of Grindr—the wildly successful location-based hook-up app for gay men—to the hetero population. Even Grindr itself, which launched its own straight app called Blendr in 2011, has failed to recreate the magic for straights.

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