02/01/2013 03:40 pm ET

Adrienne Maloof On Sean Stewart Romance: 'I Don't Think I Am A Cougar At All'

Adrienne Maloof might be dating a man 19 years her junior, but the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star insists that she is not a cougar.

“I don't think I am a cougar at all,” Maloof told Life & Style of her romance with Sean Stewart. “Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Demi Moore — it's a trend now. Men do it all of the time, so I guess now I am a trendsetter too.”

Maloof, who is 51 years old, has been casually dating 32-year-old Stewart since last month. And she is certainly not alone in her taste for younger men.

Jennifer Lopez and dancer Casper Smart are 18 years apart. Madonna, 53, has been with her 24-year-old boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat, for over two years. And Demi Moore was 15 years older than Ashton Kutcher when they married in 2005.

Although Maloof is not alone in her status, her relationship still made major headlines. “I honestly had no idea what kind of buzz this was going to get — not just here — but around the world," she told Life & Style.

Stewart doesn't care about the age difference either.

"If men can date younger women, why can't an older woman date a younger man? It's sexist," he told TMZ. "It's about the person, who she is inside. Age is just a number. If there's a connection, and someone cares about a person, that's what matters really."



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