02/01/2013 09:52 am ET

Art Duo Pranks Tate Modern And Saatchi Gallery By Becoming Installations (VIDEO)

Have you ever had an awkward art gallery moment where you were unsure as to whether a discarded wrapper on the ground was trash or art? Art pranksters "Doug and Mikael" take this paranoia to the extreme by pretending to be art at two notable institutions.

In the video above, the two saunter into the Tate Modern and Saatchi Gallery and begin their performance. By simply standing still or lying down (preferably with a prop ping pong ball), the duo becomes living statues/performance pieces. When a visitor enters — voila! — they are art. Judging by the crowds swarming around them, the guys appear to be the most intriguing works in the exhibition.

Would you be more likely to visit a museum if people-watching counted as art viewing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

h/t Visual News

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