02/01/2013 04:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Best Week Ever' Reboot: Jared Logan, Nick Turner Tell Us About VH1 Show

If you felt a sense of deja vu when "Best Week Ever" debuted on VH1 last month, you aren't crazy. In only nine years of existence, the name "Best Week Ever" has been the name of two very different TV shows as well as a popular blog, and the public may have difficulty keeping track of the brand -- which is not lost on the current cast.

"Remember when Richard Pryor and Steve Martin hosted 'Best Week Ever'? That was great," joked cast member and writer Jared Logan.

"Actually, Steve Martin was never part of the cast," chimed in Nick Turner, another stand-up comic who is one of the faces of the new "Best Week Ever."

Comparing '70s-era "Saturday Night Live" to a show known for snarking on Kim Kardashian's behind may sound outlandish, but the crop of comedians that VH1 hired sends the message that the network is interested in comedy that goes beyond the too-saturated field of celebrity commentary that one can find easily on the Internet.

"You're not going to hear the kind of commentary you hear on similar talking heads shows," Logan said. "Dan St. Germain, for example, is a very dark comic. I can't wait to hear the kind of things he says about Honey Boo Boo or Taylor Swift."

With only the exception of comedian Michelle Buteau, the rest of the cast, which includes Logan, Turner, St. Germain, Buteau, Michael Che, Pat Dixon, Pete Lee, Amanda Seales and Ali Wong, never appeared in previous incarnations of the show.

Where is the line drawn? The comics are willing to test that boundary. Logan recalled a famous Patton Oswalt stand-up bit, where Oswalt said that he was fired from the original "Best Week Ever" for attacking celebrity targets too harshly (for instance, by saying Paris Hilton should "die of AIDS.")

"When I auditioned, I thought of that joke," he said with a laugh. "I thought I was pretty hateful in that audition. I thought I didn't get it because of that." Logan and Turner agreed that pop culture events like the Super Bowl and the Oscars are "treasure troves of ego and weirdness" that they are looking forward to attacking.

The new "Best Week Ever" airs Fridays at 10 p.m. on VH1.

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