02/01/2013 01:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Man Pranks His Cousin By Making His Kitchen Table 'Disappear' (PHOTO)

Some of the greatest pranks are played on the people we love the most, right? Reddit user aces613 tried his luck by tricking his cousin only to find that he wasn't as gullible as he had hoped.

According to his comments, aces613 sold his kitchen table the day before his relative was supposed to house-sit for the weekend. But to be funny, he left a note asking the cousin to play Sherlock and discover the whereabouts of the "missing" table.

Here's a photo of the written exchange between the two:

disappearing table prank

Photo by aces613

Good one, eh? While we're talking pranks, what's the greatest one you've ever played on someone? Tell us in comments below.

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