02/01/2013 06:34 am ET Updated Feb 01, 2013

'Elementary': Captain Gregson Gives Sherlock A Well-Deserved Punch (VIDEO)

After almost killing someone, Sherlock had understandably shattered the trust and goodwill he'd built with Captain Gregson on "Elementary." He was suspended as the police department's unpaid consultant, which did little to stop Sherlock from getting involved in another case, though this one found him.

Sherlock discovered the body that launched an investigation into a conspiracy theory that turned out to be very real. And while his help was invaluable in uncovering who was murdering the "Red Team" who had put together a terrifying strategy, he was still mostly unwelcome by Gregson. What would have helped was an apology, but Sherlock's brain works differently. He seemed to regret his actions, but wasn't very good at apologizing.

Nevertheless, he made an effort. He met Gregson at a bar and gave his version of an apology. While he did get reinstated, Gregson also got to relieve some of his own frustrations in dealing with Sherlock by punching him in the gut -- hard.

Speaking of trust, Joan is lying as well. Sherlock's father has stopped paying her, but she's still pretending that he is so she can stay by Sherlock's side. While it's inevitable the two will partner up on a more permanent basis, how that's going to happen has yet to be revealed. Joan lying to Sherlock isn't helping anything.

Fans won't have to wait long for their next trip inside Sherlock's unique psyche. "Elementary" has landed the post-Super Bowl spot on CBS, tentatively schedule for 10 p.m. EST -- though it depends on how long the game goes. Then come back on Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST for the continuing adventures.

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