02/01/2013 08:54 am ET Updated Apr 03, 2013

7 Things You May Not Know About Happiness

Happiness is the new American Dream, but we're just beginning to understand how it works. For centuries, scientists focused on studying depression, but it wasn't until recently that they started to delve into happiness. Turns out there's a lot you can do to optimize your joy! Which is why this month we're partnering with our friends at Gaiam TV to bring you our first ever Get Happy campaign, to bring you the secrets of happiness. 

In this first partner post, we're introducing you to Happy, an inspiring film from Academy Award-nominated director, Roko Belic. Happy takes us on a journey from the swamps of Louisiana to the slums of Kolkata in search of what really makes people happy. Combining real life stories from around the world and powerful interviews with leading scientists in happiness research, Happy will, quite simply, change the way you see and strive for happiness.

Here are 7 things you may not know about happiness, from the awesome documentary, Happy: 

1. Happiness helps you achieve your other goals in life. It can improve your relationships, help you earn more money, and do better at your job. It's simple: We're attracted to happy people. When you're happy, people will want to be around you and support you. 

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