02/01/2013 11:55 am ET

Harry Styles Tattoos: Ed Sheeran Talks Matching 'Bro Tats' (VIDEO)

Nothing brings a two guy friends together like a "bro tat." At least, that’s what Grammy nominated Ed Sheeran has us believing after a recent interview with MTV News.

The singer had no problem divulging details about a few of the many tattoos that cover his body. One of Sheeran’s most notable tats is an illustration of Pingu -- a penguin character from the British children's television series of the same name –- on his tricep, which he shares with friend Harry Styles.

Sheeran told MTV News he brought the One Direction star along with him to get the tat, and easily convinced Styles to get inked up with the same penguin.

"He got Pingu [written under his arm]," Sheeran said to MTV. "Kinda like a bro tat."

The matching body art shouldn’t come as a big surprise, considering the two are known for their infatuation for inking themselves, and have been brewing a bromance for quite some time. Hopefully this won’t make things awkward for Sheeran when he goes on tour with Styles’ ex, Taylor Swift!

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