02/01/2013 11:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How Many Facebook Likes Does It Take To Get A Baby Brother?

Everything moves faster on the Internet, and recently we may have seen the beginning and end of a parenting trend -- along with a tad of tongue-in-cheek rethinking of how babies are made.

It began in November with kids who wanted a cat. The "price" of that was 1,000 Facebook Likes:

cat bet facebook

Next, a little over a week ago, a dog. By then the cost had risen to one million Likes:

Then, last week, a British woman named Vicki posed her toddler with a sign that read "Daddy says if I get 100,000 likes, I can have a little brother or sister."

Vicki and her husband had already decided to have a second child, she explained in an email to HuffPost Parents, so the photo was "not our version of family planning" as much as the fact that "we have seen all those photos going around Facebook with hundreds of thousands of likes and just wondered if that could actually happen!"

kid facebook request

At the moment, the photo has not gotten close to its goal of 100,000 likes. Perhaps strangers are more willing to vote a pet into a family than a baby. What it has gotten are a number of comments with the message "Tell Daddy that's not how babies are made," and Vicki assures us that he knows.

Her photo was picked up by the Facebook group Mums, Bumps && More -- a collection of mostly British parents who gather to share updates on their pregnancies. That page also featured a photo that just might be the final word on using the Internet to wheedle Mom and Dad for stuff (and living beings...)

kid facebook request 2

We say: Nuff 'said.