02/01/2013 05:40 pm ET Updated Apr 03, 2013

Marc Gersen, Georgetown Law Student, Sentenced For Selling Meth

The "Breaking Bad" comparisons are just too easy.

Georgetown Law student Marc Gersen, a Phi Beta Kappa member and award-winning debater, was sentenced to four years in prison Thursday for running an elaborate meth-trafficking operation out of his Dupont Circle apartment.

Gersen, who was arrested more than a year ago at a hotel in Northwest Washington and has been serving jail time ever since, allegedly struggled with meth addiction himself, the Washington Post reported. According to the Post, he was selling wholesale quantities of the drug through a "sophisticated social networking scheme," traveling to and from California to arrange shipments.

Above The Law notes that Gersen also pleaded guilty to felony possession of ecstasy in 2009 and was charged with drug possession in 2010. "Talk about a dream deferred," the legal blog mused. "After serving his prison sentence, Gersen would have to finish his legal studies, pass the bar exam, and then convince a state bar to admit him despite his criminal past."

Gersen's supporters portray the student as a passionate thinker and dedicated scholar. "His law school performance -- remarkable under any circumstances -- is truly incredible given the other things going on in his life," Professor Louis Michael Seidman wrote on his behalf, according to the Post. "The short of it is that Marc is an extraordinary young man who has made some extraordinary mistakes."

Two months ago, a major drug sting nabbed 29 members of a massive cocaine and heroin ring that operated throughout D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

For more on Gersen's story, click over to the Washington Post.



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