02/01/2013 10:46 am ET

Pot In Kmart: 10 Pounds Of Marijuana Delivered To Seattle Store

This was definitely not meant for the "Blue Light Special."

Police are currently investigating how 10 pounds of pot got delivered to a Seattle Kmart on Jan. 28, NBC News reports.

The marijuana shipment was delivered to the Kmart stockroom at 13200 Aurora Ave. N. on Monday at about 12 p.m., according to the Seattle Times. A staff member called 911 to report the store had received a box containing 10 pounds of marijuana wrapped in garbage bags, covered with packing peanuts and surrounded by pages from a Korean newspaper doused in cleaning fluid.

"Delivery information on the package indicates it was originally shipped from Los Angeles to a Philadelphia address, but never made it to its intended destination in Philly," department spokesman Jonah Spagenthal-Lee told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer of the goods. "Whoever sent the package listed the address of the Seattle Kmart on the return label, for some reason."

UPS had not yet been contacted by Seattle Police Department regarding the shipment and the company was not sure if the weed was a UPS package, according to Seattle Pi.

Seattle police seized the pot from the Kmart and placed it in evidence, according to Seattle Weekly. The case is now with the department's narcotics unit.

Seattle Police Detective Renee Witt said she was happy with how the Kmart worker handled the unexpected delivery.

"That's an honest employee," Witt told KIRO. "Hopefully we can figure out who sent it and where it was going to."

Washington legalized recreational marijuana in November with Initiative 502, legislation supported by 56 percent of voters for the taxation and sale of weed to adults 21 years old and older.



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