02/01/2013 08:39 am ET Updated Feb 15, 2013

A Repurposing Idea That Uses A Binder Clip As A Money Holder

Hint: It'll help you run errands with ease.

A lot of the time we can't get over just how heavy our handbags are. Although we guess we shouldn't be too surprised because we fill them with extra accessories, snacks and even laptops. But when we're looking to just run to the store, we really only need some cash and keys. So in an attempt to have stress-free outings sans purses, Real Simple came up with a clever little repurposing idea.

Simply use a binder clip (yes the ones found in almost every office) and attached it to the money needed for the errand. And then, loop the key ring onto the metal clasp and you'll be good to go without being weighed down.

This trick is ideal for workouts and quick store runs. You can hold it in your hand the entire time, stuff it in your pocket or clamp it to your waist band. Or if you really need to take your bag, toss it in there and it'll keep these necessities organized and within reach.

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