02/02/2013 01:20 am ET Updated Feb 03, 2013

Super Bowl Highlights: David Tyree, Santonio Holmes Among 'Best Catch' Contenders (VIDEO)

What's the catch?

When it comes to arguing over which Super Bowl catch is the most impressive, there is no shortage of options. Perhaps no Super Bowl catch is as well known these days as David Tyree's helmet grab for the Giants against the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. But is that grab any better than Santonio Holmes' toe-tapping, game-winner just a year later? Or, if you prefer you highlights a bit grainier than how about the all-out effort by Cowboys' receiver Butch Johnson in Super Bowl XII?

If you like a good catch to come with some YAC then perhaps you're partial to Isaac Bruce's catch and run in Super Bowl XXXIV. Of course, Larry Fitzgerald's 64-yard touchdown grab and dash in Super Bowl XLIII (later negated by Holmes) is worth remembering, too.

Asked how he rated his catch against the Tyree miracle, Holmes, not surprisingly, rated his tip-toe touchdown grab higher.

“Hands down, Number 10,” the current Jets wide receiver said of his grab for the Steelers to ESPN 98.7 FM in July 2012. “Ten toes in the end zone."

Are 10 toes greater than one helmet?

Here are a handful of the most amazing grabs in Super Bowl history. Which is your favorite? Any we left out?




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