02/01/2013 09:23 pm ET

Super Bowl Tickets Still Available As Weekend Begins, With Costs Lower Than You Might Think

If you're looking to score last-minute tickets to the Super Bowl, you may be in luck, depending on what you're willing to spend.

Just days before the big event, "ticket prices have been plummeting," ESPN's Darren Rovell reports. Some of the reasons why, Rovell says, include the New Orleans location, limited local interest and corporate "fans" who don't go to the game.

The New York Times wrote about the ability to still get tickets as well with the headline "Super Bowl Tickets Available; Bring Cash."

You'll want to be careful though. There are scams out there; one victimized a family of 49ers fans.

One place you can feel comfortable acquiring tickets to the Super Bowl securely is the NFL Ticket Exchange. At the time of this writing, there are 670 tickets available there. They're not cheap, but they're cheaper than years past so close to the game, ranging from $1,322 to $136,380 each. Getting seats together is also possible. Many are sold in pairs; there's one grouping of 7 for $1,711 each, and other options.

You might also opt for third-party ticket exchange sites like StubHub. Super Bowl tickets on StubHub range from $1,250 to $125,000. There are 1,601 available at the time of this writing.

These numbers are expected to change quite a bit between now and kickoff, so it's worth continuing to check if you're looking for tickets. Rovell notes that the last time the New Orleans area hosted a Super Bowl, "Patriots and Rams fans could find $400 face-value tickets on the day of the game."

The NFL lists the following in its Frequently Asked Questions page, which in part serves as a reminder that fans should use caution purchasing tickets last minute:

How can I buy Super Bowl XLVII tickets?
The demand for tickets to the Super Bowl greatly exceeds the supply. The majority of tickets are allotted to the two participating teams, and to a lesser extent through each of the other NFL teams. Remaining tickets for the general public are made available through a random drawing. There is no other means for the general public to purchase tickets. The NFL does not sell tickets to travel or ticket agents.



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