02/01/2013 12:06 pm ET Updated Apr 03, 2013

Tasting Table's Top Three Miami Restaurant Finds: January 2013

Each month, HuffPost Miami joins our friends at Tasting Table to highlight our favorite finds from Miami's culinary scene. Here's what caught Tasting Table Miami editor Trina Sargalski's eye in January.

n the Kitchen With Chef Jeremiah
For Tasting Table's Fridge Files series, chef Jeremiah Bullfrog shares some of his kitchen lab experiments at the new Freehand Miami.

Before Schwartz and Eismann, There Was Hughes
Alan Hughes was chef at One Ninety in Buena Vista before Michael Schwartz or Jonathan Eismann pitched their tents in the area. Now, Hughes serves superb tapas and Basque pintxos at his new gastropub, The Embassy.

A Recipe From Khong River House
We snagged a recipe for Thai crab fried rice from Piyarat Potha Arreeratn (also known as Chef Bee), the mastermind of the spectacular new Khong River House.