02/03/2013 10:13 pm ET Updated Feb 03, 2013

Rock Got Milk? Super Bowl Commercial: Dwayne Johnson Stars In 2013 Dairy Ad (VIDEO)

The Rock starred in the latest "Got Milk?" ad during Super Bowl XLVII. The most important takeaway is that he will do whatever it takes to get milk. If that means chasing the milk delivery truck through the streets in his pajamas, while absolute chaos is going down all around him, then he's going to do just that.

Dwayne Johnson, as the professional wrestler-turned-actor is known these days, refuses to stop for anyone else who needs help, clearly making the milk shortage in his home the top priority. After he finally gets milk for the kids, he goes back out to fight off, you guessed it, aliens trying to destroy the city.

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As the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens battle for the right to lift the Lombardi Trophy, Super Bowl advertisers compete for another prize: your attention. Each time that CBS cuts away from Super Bowl XLVII to pay the bills, another group of blockbuster commercials and movie trailers was unveiled (although many had been teased). Take a look around your Super Bowl party. Are people paying closer attention during the game or the commercial breaks?

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While memorable Super Bowl commercials like Apple's '1984' and Snickers' spot that featured Betty White will be remembered so many more are soon forgotten or, even worse, ridiculed as super fails. Will this ad make this year's best list? Is it controversial? Or, even worse, destined to be forgotten?



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