02/03/2013 01:16 pm ET Updated Apr 05, 2013

Toro Y Moi: Our Finest J. Dilla Disciple

Chillwave O.G. channels James Yancey better than those pencil-necked, mad-reverent, MPC-pounding geeks

When will the picking of J. Dilla's bones stop? The number of legacy violations -- from cheapo compilations with hip-hop Ed Hardy graphic design to well, damn near everything that Dilla ever committed to tape popping up somewhere (usually with hard spittin' Detroit no-names mucking up the soul-glow beauty) -- that we've had to endure since 2006 just isn't right.

Currently, Dilla's record collection is being prepped for Ebay sales, let loose one by one for $30 each by his mother. Collectors do not know what record they will receive or its condition, just the guarantee that it once belonged to the late, great producer. And for a lot of people that's enough. Just as unfortunate, though, is Stones Throw Records' newly-released Donuts "45 box set," which spreads the producer's deathbed beat-tape masterpiece across eight seven-inches. This makes no sense. Donuts is a record to be heard as a whole. It is not to be chopped up into short, little songs and slapped onto slabs of vinyl.

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