02/04/2013 05:03 pm ET

Happy Birthday, Facebook: A Look Back

Nine years ago today Facebook was a Harvard social network with a few hundred users and a nerdy creator. Today, it's taken over the world.

An article about Facebook in the Harvard Crimson from February 2004 gives a few insights into just how far Facebook has come and how different it could have been.

“At one point I thought about making the website so that you could upload a resume too, and for a fee companies could search for Harvard job applicants. But I don’t want to touch that,” Zuckerberg tells the Crimson. What if Facebook had been a glorified LinkedIn for Ivy Leaguers?

Zuckerberg also told the Crimson that Facebook members can "search for people according to their interests and can create an online network of friends." Members can search for people according to their interests? Maybe we shouldn't have been so surprised by Graph Search. Its features are in the original site description, after all.

So, happy birthday, Facebook! We still remember when you had to have a college email address to join. Those were the good old days (sorry, mom).

As an extra blast from the past, check out this video from 2008 below that explains how to use the site:



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