02/04/2013 06:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Family Smokes On Plane, Arrested In Bermuda After Canadian Airline Re-Routes Flight (VIDEO)

Three family members were arrested last week after they allegedly smoked on board a Sunwing flight from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to the Dominican Republic.

According to the Canadian Press, the Canadian airline said it was forced to re-route the plane to Bermuda on Friday after the father, mother and son were caught smoking cigarettes during the flight and reportedly began behaving belligerently.

Daryl McWilliams, a Sunwing Vacations spokesman, told CTV News that the family's behavior "went way beyond uncooperative" when they were confronted by other passengers and crew members.

A witness on board the flight said that there was "a lot of screaming and swearing," CBC News reports.

In addition to being accused of being "verbally abusive," the family allegedly refused to say where they had hidden their cigarettes butts when questioned.

"Not knowing where they were disposed of prevented us from checking whether they had been extinguished properly," McWilliams said, adding that the fire hazard, coupled with the family's rude behavior, made for a "very, very serious infraction."

Once the plane landed in Bermuda, the three family members were arrested by police.

"It appeared to be a father, a mother and a son. The parents appear to be in their 50s. The son, I believe, is around 22 or so," acting Inspector Paul Simons told CBC News. A 16-year-old was reportedly also traveling with the family but was not arrested.

The family has since been released on bail and has yet to be charged.

Last year, a passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight was arrested after cursing at a flight attendent.

Jeanie Daniels was painting her nails on board the flight when she was asked to stop because of the smell. Daniels, who decided to finish the job in the bathroom, reportedly engaged in an altercation after she was confronted by a flight attendent outside the lavotory. She was then greeted by police when the plane landed in Houston.

According to CBC News, the family accused of smoking on board a Sunwing flight was filmed leaving the Bermuda airport . See the footage here: