02/04/2013 02:36 pm ET

Fox News Will 'Monitor' Geraldo Rivera Over Possible Senate Run

Fox News is already saying that Geraldo Rivera will have to take leave of his hosting duties on the network if he decides to run for Senate.

Rivera announced that he was "truly contemplating" running for Senate in New Jersey on his radio show last week. He added that he was currently "having a great time" on his radio show and Fox News, but that the timing might be right if he wants to enter political office.

The New York Times spoke to the network about what would happen in the event that Rivera decides to run. "Geraldo would have to step aside as soon as he made a formal decision, and we’re continuing to monitor the situation," a Fox News spokesperson told the paper. Rivera currently hosts "Geraldo at Large," which airs weekend nights.

A spokesperson for the company that distributes Rivera's radio show also said, "Talk radio hosts talk about lots of things, and if at some point this is more than talk we’ll address the issue appropriately then."

Rivera addressed a possible Senate run while speaking on Friday's "Fox and Friends." When co-host Steve Doocy pointed out that he would have to left television and radio in order to run, Rivera said that the race was still a year away, which would give him time to "hone" his message.



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