02/04/2013 07:02 pm ET Updated Feb 12, 2013

Jodi Arias Says She Dated Abusive Vampire Hunter

Thirteen is often referred to as an unlucky number. Nevertheless it did not stop Jodi Arias from testifying on day 13 of her trial. Not only did the accused killer take the stand in her own defense to claim abuse at the hands of her parents, but she also claimed she had once dated a vampire hunter.

Arias testified Monday that she quit school in the twelfth grade and moved in with a boyfriend who lived outside of Yreka, Calif., and was three years her senior. Arias said she made the move from her parents' home because she was tired of the way they disciplined her.

Her boyfriend, however, had "wild ideas," Arias testified. The accused killer said her boyfriend "entertained the belief in vampires" and wanted to move to San Francisco to look for vampires.

The relationship soon soured, Arias testified, and she broke up with her boyfriend over the telephone. Arias said she later learned the man had slit his wrists and tried to kill himself after she broke it off.

Arias testified she reconnected with her boyfriend about 19 months later, after a man she met in a restaurant told her that the "second coming" of Jesus Christ would occur in late 1997.

"I was really naive and I kind of believed him," Arias testified. She added that she wanted to warn her former boyfriend of the impending resurrection.

Arias said her boyfriend treated her well until she found out he was cheating on her.

"I though Bobby treated me well until I discovered he wasn't being faithful," Arias testified.

She said they got into an argument and he put a strangle hold on her. She also said he threatened to kill her family and described for her how he would get it done.

Court is in recess until Tuesday morning.



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