02/04/2013 09:59 am ET

Kevin Durant: 'Phil Simms Talkin To Damn Much' During Super Bowl XLVII Broadcast

Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing

Super Bowl XLVII was far from the broadcast equivalent for Phil Simms of going 22/25 in Super Bowl XXI. CBS's top NFL analyst was caught contradicting himself repeatedly throughout the game and missed out on late game strategy. While not quite reaching Chris Berman levels, the Twitterati was left unimpressed. One of those newfound announcing critics was the NBA's best scorer, Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, who had this to say about the announcing on display:

I'll even forgive Kevin Durant for using the wrong "too" in his tweet and welcome him into our realm. He's right of course - Phil Simms uses a lot of words to say little. It always sounds like Simms is thinking out loud and it ends up confusing himself and viewers at home.

And that was describing the questionable no holding call in the endzone during the final two minutes - only the biggest play in the game!!!

The former Giants quarterback has seemingly been around forever - it was his 7th Super Bowl as an analyst, next to only John Madden for the most ever. But like other longtime top analysts (Tim McCarver immediately comes to mind) Simms has stayed at the top of the profession while his analyst skills aren't what they used to be. That's the first thing I'd change about the broadcasting industry. Top guys like Phil Simms seemingly have a lifetime pass from networks no matter how confused everyone becomes... including sometimes the analysts themselves.