02/04/2013 09:28 am ET

Morning Links: XBox SWAT Hoax, Tomatoes Will Soon Cost More, RIP, Etch-A-Sketch Guy

-- Family raided after XBox hoaxer makes a false police report.

-- Is "catfishing" really this much of a problem?

-- R.I.P, guy who who invented the Etch-a-Sketch. I'm sorry your wonderful toy was adopted at as a political metaphor last year.

-- County government ruins man's house, then forbids him from putting up a sign protesting what they did to him. A federal court then sides with the county.

-- U.S., Mexican governments decide that you need to be paying more money for tomatoes.

-- U.S. border security stops 50-year-old Canadian man from attending the Super Bowl because he was caught with two ounces of marijuana when he was 19.

-- Today, you will learn why some parts of Canada have less gravity than the rest of the world.