02/04/2013 01:10 pm ET Updated Mar 24, 2013

*NSYNC Reunion? Lance Bass Says It Won't Happen

This year has already been a great one for music nostalgia. 2013 has seen the return of Fall Out Boy, Destiny's Child, Postal Service, and My Bloody Valentine. But one group that won't be staging a big reunion? *NSYNC.

"I don't think we're doing anything," Lance Bass said in an interview with Life & Style. "I don't think [a reunion] would happen. Everyone is doing their own thing. Justin's doing his thing. I don't think he would have a moment off to do an *NSYNC album. He's the busy one."

After taking a few years off from music, Justin Timberlake recently dropped a new single, announced an upcoming album, and is booked to perform at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. The "busy one," indeed.

For his part, Bass is hosting a radio show called "Dirty Pop with Lance Bass" on SiriusXM. As for the other members? JC Chasez recently completed a stint as a judge on the now-canceled MTV dance competition, "America's Best Dance Crew," Joey Fatone, who has appeared on Broadway in "Rent" and "Little Shop Of Horrors," now hosts "My Family Recipe Rocks" on the Live Well Network, and Chris Kirkpatrick most recently was a part of a band called Nigels 11.

*NSYNC's last album, "Celebrity," was released in 2001.

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