02/04/2013 05:49 pm ET Updated Feb 05, 2013

Pabst Blue Ribbon Estate Glencoe: Mansion Of Late PBR Chairman Listed For $6.95 Million (PHOTOS)

Living in a home fit for a king is one thing, but what about living in a home fit for a king—of beers?

The "Pabst Mansion," a gorgeous, eight-bedroom Glencoe, Ill. home recently hit the market for $6.95 million. The estate was built in 1936 for the late Pabst Brewing Co. Chairman and one-time President Harris Perlstein.

Architect William Pereira designed the home for Perlstein, who merged his Chicago company, Premier Malt, with Milwaukee’s Pabst brewing company the year before Prohibition was repealed, according to Chicago magazine. Pereira, himself a Chicago native, went on the design buildings like San Francisco's iconic Transamerica Pyramid Center.

(Scroll down for photos of Glencoe's "Pabst Mansion.")

Said to still exemplify "1930s grandeur and elegance,” the 26-room Sheridan Road mansion in suburban Chicago's North Shore is technologically updated with modern features (a new kitchen and security system among them) for loads of luxe comfort.

Per the listing, the home features four fireplaces, eight full baths, a sitting room, a home theater, an elevator, a walnut-wooded library, a playroom and, of course, a bar (with a decorative PBR bottle still on the bartop).

Outside, the two and a half acres of land near Lake Michigan features a swimming pool and an outdoor basketball court.

According to the Tribune's obituary for Perlstein, when he retired as Pabst's chairman in 1974, his successor James C. Windham called him "the last of the old guard who went through the difficult years of Prohibition, repeal and the re-establishment of the brewing industry."

The sprawling home was listed just days ago for more than a million dollars above the 2009 sale price of $5.2 million; at the time it was sold by then-owner Marc Ewing, creator and founder of the Red Hat brand software.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Estate In Glencoe