02/04/2013 04:40 pm ET Updated Feb 04, 2013

San Francisco 'Fauxtest' Sheds Light On Brad Pitt's Toilet Paper And Body Odor On Muni (PHOTOS)

San Franciscans took to the streets and exercised their right to protest last weekend. What do they want? Good pizza, body odor control and sunsets. When do they want it? In one hundred years, last century and now.

Led by a roller-blade-clad leader in a red unitard, San Franciscans banded together in Dolores Park for the first annual "fauxtest." Friday's event provided a platform to protest anything and everything.

Participants lobbied for space craft funding, the time of sunset, rain and the removal of stinky people from Muni. Organizer Palmer Lamb bladed down Valencia to protest against Brad Pitt's toilet paper.

"I was just thinking about how we're equal in a lot of ways, even toilet paper," Lamb told The Huffington Post.

Lamb became an activist during the election with his satirical "Pornstars for Romney" campaign. The protesting spirit died down after November.

"I feel now that Obama is elected, everybody's gone flaccid," Lamb said. "We need to get energized and we need the tools."

What makes a fauxtest better than a protest?

"It loosens people up," Lamb said. "It's just a cathartic release of expression that people are bottling up, whether it's petty or it's a bigger issues."

Web design teacher David Lieberman came out to fauxtest body odor on Muni. He proposed a designated train car for odorous commuters.

"I want them off," Lieberman told the HuffPost. "Not enough people care about not caring."

Check out some of the protestors and platforms below.

Fauxtest 2013