02/04/2013 09:27 am ET

Super Bowl Newspaper Front Pages Lead With Baltimore Ravens Win (PHOTOS)

The Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII Sunday night and newspapers led with news of the victory on Monday morning.

Many newspapers within the U.S. splashed large photos of the Super Bowl on their front pages. Most headlines were electricity-focused, relating to the power outage that occurred just after Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime performance.

Headlines including "Power Surge," "Lights Out," "Electric Finish," and "Just Short," were just some of the blackout-related headlines that ran across front pages. Papers in Baltimore and D.C. devoted entire front pages to the Ravens win, while Bay Area newspapers focused on the San Francisco 49er's devastating loss. Some papers in big football towns like Boston and Seattle took a more muted approach to the news, and simply put a nondescript headline like "Ravens Win Super Bowl" without a photo in a corner of the front page.

And other papers, like the New York Daily News, splashed photos of Beyonce during her halftime show with headlines like, "Beyonce Is Electric!" A few newspapers ran with punny headlines including, "That's So Ravens" and "'Rave' Reviews."

Connecticut newspapers took a more sober direction and led their front pages with stories about the Sandy Hook Choir performing with Jennifer Hudson before the game. Headlines including "Sandy Hook On Center Stage," "Chorus Of Hope," and "Super Night" accompanied the story.

Take a look at newspaper front pages in the slideshow below, courtesy of the Newseum.

Super Bowl XLVII Front Pages