02/05/2013 02:09 pm ET

Talhat Rehman, Man With Knives, Stunned With Taser And Arrested Outside Buckingham Palace (VIDEO)

Talhat Rehman was arrested outside Buckingham Palace on Sunday after brandishing two knives and holding one of them to his throat. A dramatic video obtained by CBS shows police stunning the man with a Taser in front of tourists before being arrested.

According to the Telegraph, Rehman, a London butcher, had accrued more than $268,000 in debt from alleged investment fraud and had fallen even deeper into debt due to mounting legal bills. The man's family told the news outlet that his bizarre display was a despaired attempt to lobby Queen Elizabeth II for help:

He had remortgaged his house, sold all his wife's gold jewellery and feared he could lose his family shop as he struggled to keep up with his debt. He was declared bankrupt in September.

From the Associated Press:

Other witnesses said the man had broken through a security cordon and was attempting to walk toward the palace guards when he was stopped by police.

Neither the Queen nor Prince Philip were at Buckingham Palace at the time of the incident.

In June 2012, four climate change activists were arrested after chaining themselves to the Buckingham Palace gates in protest.




Talhat Rehman Pulls Out Knives At Buckingham Palace