02/05/2013 02:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Brown v. Board Of Education: Black History Photo Of The Day (PHOTO)

A picture is certainly worth a thousand words. And what better way to celebrate Black History Month than by taking a moment to acknowledge the snapshots of time that represent the struggle and triumph of African-Americans through the years?

As part of our Black History Month coverage, we will be featuring one photo a day that honors years of groundbreaking achievements within the black community. These photos bring tears to our eyes, instill pride in our hearts and motivate us to carry on the legacy of strength and perseverance.

Today's photo was taken on May 17, 1954 after the landmark Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision, that ruled segregation unconstitutional. The high court bundled the case with four other related cases, and three lawyers including, Thurgood Marshall (center), chief counsel for the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund, George E. C. Hayes (left) and James M. Nabrit (right) took it on. The trio is shown walking down the steps after the monumental achievement, and were also snapped congratulating each other on their feat.

Take a look at the photo and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

brown v board of ed

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