02/05/2013 03:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Canadian Penny Floor Is An Unusual Tribute To The Discontinued Coin (PHOTO)

Just as the Canadian government discontinued the distribution of the copper coin, Reddit user rolo1221 has shared a photo of two young lads creating a penny floor in their apartment.

The user, who many in the Reddit thread believe to be Canadian (by virtue of the coffee cup from popular chain Tim Hortons), doesn't give up too much information about the project. But he did say they've already invested about $750 in change... and it's not yet complete.

Photo by rolo1221

Other users questioned the practicality of this idea considering hardwood floors might be more expensive but involve less effort. But rolo1221 says there will be far more satisfaction when the job is done.

Though it isn't all skepticism on this thread. When rolo1221 commented that grout would be used to fill in between the coins, many users chimed in with possibly better suggestions, such as polyurethane. We recommend that they head over to Ryan Lange And Emily Belden's website since the Chicago couple recently completed their own penny floor and might have a few recommendations.

In true Reddit fashion, the users went off topic and started discussing the merits of Tim Hortons. Though, we have to admit, we're a bit more interested in seeing the final product than debating about a cup of joe.

Head over to Reddit for more information. And click through to see photos of Lange and Belden’s floor.

Penny Floors

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