02/05/2013 07:50 pm ET

Click That 'Hood: Addictive Web Game Offers The Ultimate San Francisco Insider Challenge

You think you know everything about San Francisco. You know every alley in the city like the back of your hand. Not only do your friends call you "The Mayor" because you know everything that's going on, but you're the person the actual mayor calls when he wants to hit the town and knock back a few tall, frosty pints of ice cold milk.

If you're so smart, riddle us this: can you identify the Ocean View district on a map? Is the neighborhood directly southeast of Ocean View the Outer Mission or Visitacion Valley? Is NoPa a legitimate neighborhood or have real estate agents finally gone too far in their attempts to pretend the Western Addition never existed?

A new web game, created by the relentlessly helpful nerds at Code for America, called "Click that 'hood!" seeks to answer all (well, most) of those questions by putting users though a rigorous timed trial of identifying each neighborhood in the city.

Upon first blush, the game seems simple, because the name of each neighborhood pops up when you mouse over it. But because the clock is running, knowing precisely where to aim is the key in getting a good score.

Personally, we clocked in at 1:58 for the full 37 'hood advanced game.

For Oaklanders (and San Franciscans feeling especially cocky) there's also an Oakland edition. And since everyone in San Francisco will soon be moving to the East Bay as all non-internet millionaires are gradually priced out of the city, SF residents might do well to bone up on the difference between Leona Heights and Caballo Hills.

Which neighborhood reigns supreme, however, is a decision that's between you, Craig Newmark and the Bold Italic.

Can you beat our SF high score? Show off in the comments!

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