02/05/2013 07:17 am ET Updated Feb 05, 2013

'Dallas': Bobby Turns To J.R. To Get Revenge On Harris, But Ann Beats Them Both To It (VIDEO)

The new bad boys and girls of "Dallas" are doing their best to make J.R. Ewing look like a teddy bear by comparison. This week, Ann's ex Harris took center stage as Ann finally confronted him for kidnapping their daughter and poisoning her against Ann all those years. This came after Bobby failed to find any legal way to make him pay for what he'd done.

Feeling desperate, Bobby went to his brother to ask for his help. "I want him to pay," he said to J.R. "Find me a way to bring him down."

"Don’t you worry, little brother. It’s gonna be my masterpiece," J.R. said.

But Ann had plans of her own, and they got messy. After getting Harris to confess to her that he'd kidnapped their daughter just to spite Ann, she suddenly took out a gun and shot him. Could this be the end of Harris? Probably not, but J.R. may have to retool his masterpiece to help Ann out of the jam she just put herself into.

Larry Hagman's final episodes of "Dallas" continue on Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on TNT.

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