02/05/2013 11:43 am ET Updated Feb 05, 2013

John Lennon Arrests: Police In Brazil Bust Three People Named For Beatles Legend

They couldn't just give peace a chance.

Police in Brazil are going through a bad case of Beatlemania after arresting three people -- and finding one other dead -- in recent weeks, all sharing the name John Lennon, The Sun reported.

Having a hard day's night? Here's the rundown:

  • On Dec. 19, police in Belo Horizonte arrested John Lenon Camargos Gomes, 22. The convicted drug trafficker is accused of five murders and two attempted murders.
  • On Jan. 8, John Lennon Fonseca Ferreira, 22, was caught in an alleged robbery attempt.
  • On Jan. 9, the body of 18-year-old John Lennon Sebastiao da Silva was discovered in his vehicle, possibly the victim of a revenge attack.
  • Last Friday, police busted John Lennon Ribeiro Siqueira for an alleged lottery shop robbery.

Authorities "Imagine" the trend is due to the popularity of the British band in Brazil, which prompted a slew of newborn "John Lennons" following the music icon's murder in 1980, according to the New York Daily News. Three decades later, the little rock stars are growing up.

The takeaway here? A working class hero is something to be -- and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

Editor's Note: Reading this story backwards may reveal new Paul McCartney death clues.



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