02/05/2013 10:05 am ET

'Pattern: 100 Fashion Designers And 10 Curators' Book Shows Hot Trends (PHOTOS)

How do you pick the best young designers from around the world? Ask the experts, of course. The editors at Phaidon relied on ten industry insiders to make some hard choices for their newest fashion reference book, titled, "Pattern: 100 Fashion Designers And 10 Curators."

The big 10 includes designers, stylists, editors, entrepreneurs, writers, and a university professor. (Who guessed that Tavi Gevinson is listed among them? You win a gold star.)

"Pattern" updates Phaidon's 2005 style book, "Sample" -- which in fashion years means it's already a relic. "A fashion collection is like a shark," Valerie Steele, chief curator at the Fashion Institute of Technology's museum, told the New York Times. "It has to keep moving or it dies."

Get a sneak peek of the images in the book below, which will be available on February 15, and enjoy New York Fashion Week, everyone!

PATTERN: 100 Fashion Designers and 10 Curators