02/05/2013 10:29 am ET Updated Feb 05, 2013

Sandi Jackson Investigation: Feds Reportedly Looking Into Ex-Alderman's Finances

Like husband, like wife?

According to a Chicago Sun-Times report, ex-Chicago Alderman Sandi Jackson, the wife of former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., is now the subject of a federal investigation of her own, one separate from the one her husband is currently mired in.

Sources reportedly "close to the probe" told the Sun-Times that federal investigators are specifically looking into Jackson's access to and usage of her husband's congressional campaign funds.

Jackson previously noted to NBC Chicago that there was a $69,000 discrepancy between campaign finance reports issued by her office and her husband's office. She blamed the issue on clerical errors.

Fox Chicago notes that Jackson may be prosecuted "sooner rather than later" -- possibly within the coming weeks.

Sandi Jackson, who represented the city's 7th Ward, abruptly resigned from her post last month despite previously indicating that she had no plans to quit the City Council. Her resignation letter, unlike that of her husband's less than two months earlier, did not cite any sort of federal probe among the contributing factors to her decision.

A process is currently underway to select Sandi Jackson's successor on the City Council, while a special election in the race to replace Jesse Jackson Jr. in Congress will be held April 9 following a primary on Feb. 26.



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