02/05/2013 02:28 am ET Updated Feb 05, 2013

'The Following': Carroll Had Hardy Fooled, Assisted In Hardy's Case Against Him (VIDEO)

"The Following" continued its time-jumping narrative, this time flashing back to a few earlier encounters between Carroll and Hardy. Back then, Hardy was confiding in Carroll on the case he was working -- the case in which Carroll was actually the serial killer. Hardy continues to beat himself up for not realizing that he was sitting there sharing a drink with the person he was looking for.

This flashback was a parallel to what Parker was going through in the present day. The wife of one of Carroll's followers was thought to be an innocent bystander, horrified by her husband's action. The only weak link thus far in Carroll's group has been the man who dressed up as an officer, and he slipped yet again. This time, he revealed that the wife was in on it and one of them.

It didn't come in time to save the agent assigned to protect her, but it was enough for Parker to feel as duped and foolish as Hardy did back when Carroll had him completely fooled.

On the home front, Clarie got an email from Carroll's followers that absolutely horrified her. They've started teaching her son how to kill -- small animals at first -- beginning the process of indoctrinating him into their cult.

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