02/05/2013 08:55 am ET

Travel (Or Lying About Travel) Might Be The Key To Dating Success

According to a deeply self-serving survey of users of the site by Intrepid Travel, a stated interest in journeys abroad and pictures of oneself in exotic locales signaled to potential boyfriends/girlfriends/mistakes a certain curiosity and open-mindedness.

Of those surveyed, 89 percent said they felt those interested in travel were adventurous and just under 70 percent thought they were cultured as well. It is worth noting that 19 percent pointed out that time spent abroad was evidence of a disposable income, which, well, fair enough.

This is not the first such study conducted by Intrepid, which -- to its credit -- seems to keep finding the same trends. A study released last summer found that adventurous travelers were even more alluring than run of the mill backpacker types (even after they showered).

The new results matched up nicely with small surveys taken by travel editors at New York bars, during which they were told to, "just go away."

Fortunately, the tasteless sugar daddy travel site has already figured out where exactly one should go. These are the most romantic destinations, so smart lotharios should head to one of these spots, go home and tell everyone about their trip to Swaziland.



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