02/05/2013 10:00 am ET Updated Feb 05, 2013

Vogue Café In Dubai To Be Located In Massive Shoe Store

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Go big or go home, right?

That is Vogue's motto as the magazine extends its reaches beyond its printed pages and into the culinary world. Condé Nast is set to launch Vogue Café, the second of its kind, in Dubai later this year. The restaurant and "coffee lounge" will be located in Level Shoe District, a massive luxury shoe store in the Dubai Mall, meaning well-heeled customers can literally cool their heels with a caffeine fix before going to buy more shoes.

First announced last September, Vogue Café will be joined by GQ Bar, another magazine-branded outpost, to be located in a luxury Dubai hotel. It's just the latest move by Condé Nast to take two of their biggest brands and expand them worldwide: There is already a GQ Bar, Vogue Café and Tatler Club in Moscow, with GQ Bar Istanbul and Vogue Café Kiev on the way.

But Dubai, of course, is a whole other level. We're expecting the extravagance of Vogue Café Dubai to befit its location (and, perhaps, its inspiration). Plus with Condé Nast backing, it's got a better shot at surviving than the ill-fated Fashion Cafe.

Does the idea of a Vogue-branded restaurant appeal to you? Read more at and sound off in the comments.

UPDATE: We've got word from Vogue that there are more Vogue outposts on the way: a Vogue Café and Vogue Club in Singapore, and a Vogue Club in Bangkok. No exact opening dates yet, but keep it in mind next time you plan your next Asia trip...

See? Fashion and food DO go together:

Models And Food

CORRECTION: This article previously stated that GQ Bar Istanbul and Vogue Café Kiev are currently open. Both are in the works but have yet to launch.

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